Alison (freshsocks) wrote,

I GOT THE APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to see if they can get me on a year lease. She was supposed to call back today, so hopefully tomorrow she'll call back. OMG! I am so excited. I will get pictures up when I can. I won't have access to a computer for a while, so it may be a while. I gotta find a bed. I saw some nice ones at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I may go buy it and have them deliver it later. I've got a bunch of stuff already packed up. Just have to get the odds and ends packed up now. I am going to do ALL of my laundry as well. Tim said that I am more then welcome to come over and do it, so I'll keep my copy of the laundry keys.

Tim's brother will be moving in with him. He seems to be excited to get out of his mom's apartment, plus he gets a bigger room. and I'm sure he will enjoy the 52" TV...=/

Luckily I only have to buy a bed and computer for now. I have a friend that is gonna give me an extra couch. I'll be taking my dresser and small TV. Since zach will be staying with me a lot more I will be taking the crib as well. While he is here at Tim's he'll sleep in the pack n' play.

There is only 13 more days of work left. :-) Tis exciting. everyone is getting stressed and at each others throats. So we all can't wait. I am gonna find a job that I can work a couple days a week.

Well, gonna go finish packing cya.

oh Candace( dontspeak) I sent out Viva pinata for you and Jeff to have. Since I won't own the 360 anymore, you guys can keep it.
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